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Reduce single use plastic consumption in CSSD

The safety of patients and medical personnel takes top priority in the CSSD. Cost savings achieved by reducing the amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) should not compromise safety. With the right measures, however, costs for PPE can be reduced significantly while improving sustainability.

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Borer Chemie

Borer Chemie,

Savings in protective clothing due to reduction in manual reprocessing

Many CSSDs face the challenge of servicing the high demands of medical equipment reprocessing cost-effectively. Taking a look at the reprocessing cycle, it is made up of many sub-steps: from manual pre-cleaning and cleaning, to automated reprocessing and sterilisation. To identify potential cost savings, a thorough review of the entire instrument reprocessing cycle is needed.


Avoiding contamination, reducing PPE consumption

Contamination occurs primarily in manual activities, especially during the pre- and post-cleaning of instruments. A careful analysis of the routines and processes in CSSD can help to identify and eliminate inefficient or redundant steps in the reprocessing process.

The washer/disinfector process and the quality of cleaning chemistries used are of utmost importance: If everything is optimally coordinated, many manual activities on the unclean side can be eliminated. In turn, the amount of PPE required for personnel can be reduced, which has a positive effect on the overall costs.


The 1st step towards cost optimisation: analysis of the entire reprocessing process

Only rarely do CSSD managers have time to focus long-term on comprehensive optimisation of reprocessing routines and tackle issues such as deep cleaning, passivation and ultimately the potential reduction in repair costs. A comprehensive process analysis however, clearly highlights the potential cost savings around reprocessing operations.


Find out more about how you can save on costs in the CSSD thanks to coordinated processes and deconex® quality products. Our process specialists will be happy to help you!







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