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Legal information

Borer Chemie AG

Gewerbestrasse 13

4528 Zuchwil


Tel. +41 32 686 56 00

Fax +41 32 686 56 90

UST-ID: CHE-107.882.721




Borer Chemie Deutschland GmbH

Lützeltaler Straße 3
63868 Großwallstadt


Tel. +49 7733 3603530

Fax +49 7733 3603539

UST-ID: DE-306.170.872


Important note
Due to legal regulations and/or licensing requirements, we are only represented with a limited product range in some countries. Our respective sales partner will be happy to inform you about the product range available.

The documentation and presentations about Borer Chemie AG, its products and services available on the Internet at and other sources do not constitute an offer, in particular not for the United States of America.