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4th Freiburger Steri-Forum 2023

There is nothing better than looking at over 100 happy faces after a successful event, as happened at the 4th Freiburg Steri-Forum on 11 March 2023.

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Borer Chemie

Borer Chemie,

4th Freiburg Steri-Forum 2023 - the AEMP of the future

The one-day training course took place for the fourth time under the auspices of Borer Chemie Deutschland GmbH and MVZ Clotten, and was once again very popular among medical devices processing professionals. The saught-after further education was quickly booked up, and there was even a waiting list.

120 participants from Germany and Switzerland were welcomed in Freiburg on 11 March: Staff from CSSD, QM and the OR as well as hygiene specialists and medical technicians, staff from supervisory authorities and laboratories in addition to planners and architects. As usual, the event also included an accompanying exhibition.


The technical presentations focused on two main topics:

The new training and further education opportunities for CSSD staff

Qualified staff are the basis of every CSSD. For some time now, management courses and a new three-year specialist baccalaureate training programme have been offered for CSSD employees in addition to the technical and specialist courses that have existed for years. These new further education possibilities were explained in detail in one of the presentations. It was particularly pleasing that some apprentices were also able to report on their experiences and expectations of the training.

As in many other areas, the proportion of foreign employees in the health sector is increasing. How this can become a success story was presented in a lecture with the topic «Integration of employees with a migration background». Another lecture on the topic dealt with mission statements.

Mobile solutions in the CSSD

What interim solutions are available in the event of an accident or for planned new buildings and conversions? How are complicated instruments such as robotic systems reprocessed? What concepts will there be in future for the procurement and reprocessing of loan sets?

In a recent study conducted by the SWISS Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) in cooperation with Borer Chemie, it was possible for the first time to measure differences in the passivation of steel using citric acid versus the Borer product deconex® 34 GR. With this powerful oxidising agent a 5-fold deeper passive layer was achieved with a single passivation process, compared to the classic preparation using citric acid. Surgical instruments can thus be protected against corrosion and costs for corresponding repairs and replacements can be reduced.

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Find out more about the above-mentioned Clinical Summary and the advantages of deep cleaning with deconex® 34 GR. Download the brochure for free.



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