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The new dimension in derouging

What is rouge? When and why does it appear and how do we get rid of it? Let us explain the basics in a few simple steps. At the same time, learn more about our innovative and effective solution.

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Borer Chemie

Borer Chemie,

The new dimension in derouging


Removing rouge has never been easier than with deconex® DEROUGE System 2.0. Therefore, don't wait until rouge affects your production!

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant but not corrosion proof. Stainless steel corrosion, so called rouge, is a common industry problem that occurs from the equipment exposure to highly aggressive environments such as purified-water or -steam systems, corrosive products or high-temperature stress. From a GMP point of view, rouge is not acceptable in direct-contact pharmaceutical systems, because it does not comply with the basic standard of «visually clean». What matters even more, starting from isolated spots, rouge can spread over the entire equipment and contaminate the final product.

deconex® DEROUGE System 2.0 is an innovative, pH-neutral and environment-friendly solution for the removal of rouge. Its improved mode of action makes it possible to work in a cost-effective and ecological way.



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