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Validatable cleaning results for applications with the strictest cleanliness standards: how does that work?

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Borer Chemie

Borer Chemie,

Achieving Qualified Cleanliness by mastering High Purity Cleaning Techniques

For cleaning parts with the strictest cleanliness standards, and especially with vacuum methods, the careful selection of process chemicals is crucial. Also for cleaning and etching surfaces too, all residue must be reliably removed to avoid contamination, for example with HiO elements, and surface discrepancies. This is the only way that validatable results can be achieved and contamination of the system avoided. For these applications, we have developed a range of water-based cleaning products that satisfy even the most exacting demands. Allow us to present: deconex® HPC (High Purity Cleaning).


The HPC range has been developed especially for validatable cleaning processes involving components in the vacuum industry, semiconductor production and aerospace technology. The products are qualified according to the cleanliness specification Grade 2 and Grade 1 and meet the necessary requirements. In addition to Grade 1 and Grade 2 cleaners, the HPC range is completed with a product that removes surface discrepancies such as discolouration, stains and superficial oxide layers, thereby preventing rejects: deconex® HPC 2602.


You define the cleaning requirements, we supply the solution
The unique products in our deconex® HPC line have been specially developed to meet the requirements of demanding applications. With our products you achieve the desired purity levels 1 and 2 of the individual required specifications.

Find out more about the deconex® HPC 2602 cleaning range, which also includes the new deconex® HPC 2602 concentrate for removing stains, oxide layers and annealing colours.

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For a comprehensive view of our products and services, download our High Purity Cleaning brochure.



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