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Are you looking for safe handling and dispensing of deconex® products?

Find out more about the CDS® 1 Drum Dispense Closure system.

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Borer Chemie

Borer Chemie,

Are you looking for safe handling and dispensing of deconex® products?

To make the handling of hazardous liquids even easier and safer for our customers, our 220 L drums are now equipped with TriSure's industry standard dispensing system made of HDPE (extractor, coupler) and AFLAS® (seals). This option is available for Life Sciences products.

It offers the following benefits:

  • No human contact with hazardous or harmful chemicals
    To dispense, simply connect the CDS® 1 coupler to the extractor valve.

  • No fumes or vapours
    The CDS® system’s internal one-way valve allows air to enter the drum during dispensing while preventing vapour release. This ensures safe product dispensing without vapour lock or drum collapse. The “non-return” valve allows air to enter the container without releasing vapours.

  • No unnecessary manual handling of filled containers
    With the CDS® system, containers are emptied in a vertical position, reducing handling and increasing workplace safety.

  • Protects the environment
    Applied to our 220 L drums, the CDS® system meets UN approved standards for transporting dangerous goods.

A welded extractor tube eliminates the risk of air ingress, making CDS® 1 suitable for applications where dosing pumps are used. Our products and services enable a customised, optimally adapted and effective CDS® 1 solution also for drums with drumtainers.

Take safe handling and dispensing to a new level!

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